21 June 2017

Champions Of Free Speech That They Are

I think it helps to keep a long memory of petty offenses.

Do you remember way back when?  When Tipper Gore was in charge of the Parental Music Resource Center (PMRC)?

Remember who chaired the hearings?

It was Mr Ozone himself, Al Gore!

The actual effect of the warning labels the PMRC managed to get attached "voluntarily" to music with "objectionable" content DID have a censoring effect on the music, how many stores stopped carrying music with such labels?

I know Wal Mart did.  Wal Mart had the market share to force non-objectionable versions to be made.

So much for artistic integrity.

Yet, Democrats are thought of as the ones who're for free speech and expression.

Speaking of chilling expression by limiting the market...  Jack Valenti, former head of the secretive MPAA and their rating system, Democrat.

They're consistent, you just have to pay attention and REMEMBER.  And hold grudges, they do.


  1. The problem is most Democrats these days only believe that Free Speech includes "politically correct" speech. They believe in "safe spaces" and that nobody should ever have to be offended by anything. The problem is, it is only offensive speech that needs protected. If nobody is offended by something it is not in danger of being silenced. But just about anything political will offend someone these days... or anything related to things drawn into politics, like religion or washing your car. They just can't have it both ways... banning "hate speech" has a chilling effect on a lot of other speech. And where do you draw the line. It seems like anything that doesn't uphold liberal ideals is in peril... if not anything that might possibly melt any snowflake...

  2. On this sort of thing, I like to say "It's not my fault! I'm a victim! I've got a tragic case of Corsican Alzheimer's! I forget everything but the vendettas!"


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