18 June 2017

M16 Bayonet Collecting

For M7's I have:

BOC - Ninth rarest (≈ 1.8 million made), also most common.
Milpar.  Eighth rarest (≈ 650 thousand).
Conetta.  Sixth rarest (≈ 130 thousand).
Gen Cut.  Fifth rarest (≈ 127 thousand).

What I am missing:

Colt made green handled 62316 marked on blade.  Rarest of the issued models (≈ 20 thousand).

Imperial Knife Company made, black handled, 62316 marked on blade.  This is the one that Apex wants $100 for.  Second rarest (≈ 30 thousand).

Frazier Manufacturing Company "FZR US M7".  Third rarest (≈ 40 thousand).

Ontario Knife Company "ONTARIO US M7" marked.  Fourth rarest (≈ 58 thousand).

Imperial Knife Company unmarked.  Seventh rarest (≈ 350 thousand).

Ontario Knife Company "ONTARIO US M7" marked, solid hard rubber handle M7-B.  Not sure if ever actually issued, but cheap and readily available.


Added quantities.

The hardest one to find an actual example of is the green handled Colt.  The FZR marked one is neigh impossible to find, despite twice as many made as the Colt.

At one time the Conetta was the most desirable and expensive version.  I really regretted giving one to Marv before I realized there was an actual difference in value for different makers.

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