29 June 2017

Fuck Off Eh

Canada is feeling big for her britches.

I hate to break it to you, but your authority ends at your borders.

New York City has this same idiotic idea of jurisdiction.

I'm thinking Google should just shut down all their stuff for Canada.

"We're sorry but you cannot access your gmail account..."

Redirect google.com to excite!  Or Yahoo! from any Canadian ISP address...  Or send them to Bing!

I am curious what grounds Canada would have over the termination of free services.


  1. As South Park says "It isn't even a real country anyway!". Seriously... Canada needs Google more than Google needs Canada. What would happen to Canadian businesses that use Google's cloud or other services if Google just decided to block all Canadian IPs? How many Canadian citizens does Google employ? Does Google have any offices in Canada? What if Google just decided to sack all of those Canucks and shutter any offices in the great white north?

  2. Redirecting them to Bing! is cruel and inhumane punishment.

  3. I, along with I would guess most of the Internet just plain forget Bing even exists. It is about as relevant these days as AltaVista...


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