27 June 2017

Settled Science Denier

Maybe the reason I doubt Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Climate Change so hard is...

I am old enough to remember...

The Population Bomb.

I've watched the date for peak oil come and go so many times I've lost count.

I've calculated the "there is X oil and we're using Y oil per year" several times and watched the "that's it, all gone!" date slip past several times as well.

So call me skeptical when the same people who've been pressuring me about the above topics add a new one with the same solution set.

It's not that we deny science, it's that we can recognize a narrative and agenda when we see one and are aware that narrative and agenda do not a falsifiable hypothesis make.

The most gracious I can possibly be about those agenda is to concede that they are potential crises.

You might note that the solutions to the problems never do come from conforming to the agenda and narrative.

I'll take the green revolution over draconian birth regulation and famine.

I'll take fracking over energy rationing.

Why?  Because the people who push these agendas are never affected by the outcomes of their plans.

How many palatial homes does Al Gore own again?  It's off topic, but how many millions of dollars has Socialist Bernie Sanders accumulated?

They're lying to your face about everything and you suck up as fact because it's been sanctified by a media that's increasingly controlled by a smaller and small pool of billionaires who will also be insulated from the effects of these policies.

You've nothing to lose but your chains, Comrade!  Cast them off!

Choose science.  Choose capitalism.  Choose LIBERTY!


  1. I believe that climate change is happening. What I don't necessarily believe is the "chicken little" catastrophic scenarios or that is is all caused as much by man. Part of my skepticism comes from the fact that the doomsdayers keep getting caught lying and cheating with their research and data. Letting science be skewed by politics and/or monied interests is not good science and it destroys the credibility of their whole movement. Back to the belief in climate change... yes, it is happening. But it has always been happening, even back millions of years before humans existed. And it happens on other worlds than our, like Mars, where nobody is burning fossil fuels. Climate change happens in cycles... and the system is very complex. That system has inputs from things like solar output levels and plate tektonics which dwarf the inputs of man releasing a little CO2 and CH4 into the atmosphere. If you look at things from a geological timeframe rather than only the last hundred years or so where we have thermometer based data you'll see that in the cycle of ice ages we are currently still on the warming phase coming out of the last ice age about 30k years ago. In another 30-40k years we'll be going into the next ice age... Well, if humans are still around. And I sure won't be personally unless they cut off my head and stick it in a tank or something.

  2. Well said! I don't necessarily disbelieve in "climate change," per se, but I am suspicious of the people who're running around yelling about it. They always have the same solutions, and somehow or other, it's always socialism and getting rid of private automobiles and things like that. I suspect that their main worry is not the climate. But I have a nasty suspicious mind

  3. agree with you Technomad. A lot of those people are the modern day equivalents of Luddites in some ways... ironically with a lot of them being totally dependent on technology (they couldn't live without their cell phones). The real reason that a lot of them want to ban private conveyances... and a lot of them don't just want to ban fossil fuel powered vehicles or emitting vehicles, they want to ban all that aren't owned by the government... is CONTROL. The government would know everything about who goes where, when.


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