13 June 2017

Skill Check

Shooting at 25 yards, -7.

Aiming for the 8" diameter -0 circle at the center of the target, -6.

Aiming, +4.

No rush, no fuss, safe at the range, +10.

Net modifiers +1.

Now, I managed to get all 20 rounds into a 2" group.  2" is a -9 to hit, so we can figure I made my to-hit roll by 3 for all 20 shots.

What should my Guns/TL6 (Rifle) skill be?


Well 10 or less is a 50-50 chance to hit.  Half of my rounds fall out of a 1" group.  1" is -11 to hit.

If I accept that 1" is the threshold where I get a 50-50 chance to hit it...

10 = Skill + 4 (acc) + 10 (no pressure) - 11 (size) - 7 (range).
10 = Skill + 14 - 18.
10 = Skill - 4
14 = Skill

To hit the 2" circle that I never missed, is a 12 or less.  With a skill of 14 I should have had about 25% of my shots outside the 2" circle.

To hit the 8" circle, which I also never missed is a 15 or less.  One shot should have been outside the circle.

My skill might even be higher since I was peering over my glasses at the front sight and the target was pretty blurry.  I do have the Bad Sight - Farsighted (Mitigated) [-15]. disadvantage.  Because the front sight is within 1 yard there's a -3 DX penalty... but I don't think that's quite it since without my glasses I can see the front sight fine, the rear sight is indistinct and the target fine.

If all that is true, my skill would be 17 or so...  But I don't think my vision is actually to the point of qualifying as Bad Sight, yet.

Depending on my DX, I've put a lot of points into shooting.  If my DX is 10 and my skill is 14 that means I've put 12 points into Guns/TL6 Rifle.  But wait... again!

I learned to shoot on TL8 firearms, so I have Guns/TL8 (Rifle) not TL6.  That's a flat -2 penalty to shoot the older gun, which would give me a skill of 16 and if I have a DX of 10 that means I spent 20 points learning to shoot a rifle.

Based on how well I tend to shoot a pistol, I think I am running off the -4 default from my rifle skill.

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