19 June 2017

Bowling Pins

Bowling pins are a lot easier than biathlon, you're not gasping for air!

Since we'd gone to the range to confirm that Marv's SBR was repaired and to play with subsonic ammo, we'd not brought a suitable gun for the match with us.

The gun we shared was the range's M&P 9, because we're both familiar with the model.

It had a noticeably better trigger than mine, and I asked about that.  Just lots and lots of rounds smoothing out the burrs.

I apologize to Marv for taking away the. "it's the gun" excuse.  But this is illustrative of how mechanical zero and personal zero can differ.  The sights were dead on for me, Marv felt they were shooting low.

I've seen this before.  Sights that are dialed in for me shoot left for Willard.

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  1. OH yeah, that is a 'typical' problem if folks 'tune' their sights.


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