12 June 2017

My Aimpoint Became Official

I bought an Aimpoint Comp M4s a long time ago preferring the lower location of the battery compartment to that on the Comp M4.

It appears since then that the military has adopted the Comp M4s as the M68 Close Combat Optic (CCO).

Not to be confused with the M68 CCO or M68 CCO.

You see, the Army doesn't distinguish between the three different models of Aimpoint.

Aimpoint thinks they're three different models.

The Comp M2 is NSN 1240-01-411-1265 and was added on 17MAR95
The Comp M4 is NSN 1240-01-540-3690 and was added on 16MAY06
The Comp M4s is NSN 1240-01-576-6134 and was added on 07AUG09 (after I bought mine).

Personally I'd have called them M68, M68A1 and M68A2...

Well, not even.  The only difference between the M4 and M4s is the location of the battery compartment, so mounts and operation are identical.  But some differentiation should be made because of batteries between the Comp M2 and the later two!

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