14 June 2017

Another 7.62

7.62x51mm is superior to 5.56x45mm for most things.

Reaches out farther, superior wounds...  about 30% more range and 40% more thump.

UGH.  But it's HEAVY.

My beloved right arm of the free world, the FAL, can't quite have two spare magazines for the same weight as an M4gry.

The loaded rifle is 10.9 lb. and the loaded magazines are 1.6 lb. each.

The basic load for an FAL was 4 spare magazines, 100 rounds total.  That comes to 17.3 lb.  You could carry 300 rounds with your M4gry and still be carrying less weight.  7.62x51mm is not 3x as effective as 5.56x45mm... as much as it pains my romantic bones to admit.

The basic load for an AKM (8.7 lb. loaded) was 3 spare magazines, 120 rounds total.  That's 14.1 lb.

The basic load for an AK-74 (9.1 lb. loaded) was 3 spare magazines, 4 stripper clips, 180 rounds total, but only 120 quickly available.  16.3 lb.!

An argument can be made that 7.62x51mm can do things that 5.56x45mm cannot, and can do everything that 5.56 can.  If you need more range and thump, you need it and how.

But if you don't need the extra range and thump... it's useless extra mass and a greatly reduced number of rounds.

A SCAR-H loses some of the better performance because of a shorter barrel, but the rifle is a bit lighter (8.8 lb. loaded with 20 rounds).  The magazines weigh the same.  So with 100 total rounds it's "just" 15.2 lb. or more an M4gry with 240 rounds...

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