25 June 2017

I Should Amend My Support

Or rather rescind support.

No, actually it's no change in support.

I don't support you if you're living here and you hate America.

There's a whole world for you to flee to.  Go!

You want to burn the American flag in the name of LGBT rights, I'm not hating on you because you're gay.  I'm disliking you because you hate me and my country.

It's trite, but the list of nations where you can, with impunity and the protection of law, burn the national flag while professing openly you're LGBT is very, VERY short.

The list of nations where doing that will get you killed for one or the other is pretty long.

There's an old saying, "don't shit where you eat," ponder that.


  1. 'There's an old saying, "don't shit where you eat," ponder that.'

    You do realize they vice-versa, right?

    1. The order doesn't matter. Don't use the same space for both.

    2. Some people kiss @$$ so much they probably wouldn't know if they were...

    3. Next time you want to say "ass" say ASS! We don't cotton to that asci shit around these fucking parts!

  2. It boggles the mind in particular as to how some LGBT activists can also go on and on about being pro-Islam... Ummm... you do know that being LGBT in a lot of majority Muslim countries is illegal and in some cases punishable by up to death, right? It is probably easier actually to list the majority Muslim countries where LGBT is legal... It is fewer than the number where it is punishable by death. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2016/06/13/here-are-the-10-countries-where-homosexuality-may-be-punished-by-death-2/?utm_term=.0c7f71ae1d01


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