30 June 2017


Seafoam has been around for decades.

It's an additive that mechanics have been using just as long.

There's a technique to remove carbon and oil deposits from the positive crankcase ventilation system from the intake.

Get the car to operating temperature.

You find a handy vacuum line leading into the intake, like a brake booster line, then pour 2/3 to 3/4 of a can SLOWLY into the intake with the car revving at about 2 grand.

Then dump the last 1/4 to 1/3 in quickly and shut off the engine.  This part is terrifying!  The engine will run on for several seconds to a minute.

Wait at least 30 minutes.

Restart.  It will run rough and cough white smoke from burning the Seafoam and deposits that were liberated.  Keep it running until there's no more smoke.


I'm seeing better throttle response and it's picked some lost miles per gallon back up.


  1. Was at AutoZone today. Apparently seafoam is going on sale, almost half price, starting Sunday. I like to add regularly to fuel loads. Put off buying it for $12 a can vice $7 per can. FYI.

  2. I swear by that shit and run a bottle through my gas tank every once in a while just for good measure.


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