24 June 2017

Still Better Than A Mosin

The $100 Rifle has returned from the range again.

I confirmed that the ammo that Willard gave me in the Winchester box was definitely HOT.

The stuff in the Remington box was much easier on the shoulder, made much less flame and, most importantly, didn't swell the brass so the action was as hard as a dirty Mosin to open.  Hardly a sign of pressure on the primers either.

Marv just got an Apex Tactical forward reset trigger kit for his M&P 9.  It's very nice, mimics a 1911 trigger very well.

I doesn't make me shoot any better than the stock trigger in mine.

I'm trying to speed up my shooting a bit, so I did some Mozambique drills.  I'm still not quick, but I'm getting faster.

The shots aimed at the 1 in the target's left shoulder were done left handed.  My left eye has less correction on it and hardly any astigmatism compared to the right.  Seeing better helps, but I really REALLY had to focus on the fundamentals shooting sinister.

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