27 June 2017

Tab A Into Slot A

Straight folks not into sex with trans folks.

It's a plumbing problem.


I'm surprised that it needs pointed out, but a straight man is looking for a vagina.  If their partner lacks a vagina, then the sex is not heterosexual, and that matters.

A straight woman is looking for a penis.  If their partner lacks a penis, then the sex is not heterosexual, and that matters.

I'm very open and accepting of LGBT issues, but like so many things championed by the liberals; there has to be an allowance for the "baseline" norms.

Demanding that straight people have gay sex because the person with the incompatible plumbing identifies as someone with compatible plumbing denies the straight person the right to choose their own sexual partners.

I remember when that was a core tenant of LGBT activism; the right to love whom you love and not be forced into relationships "unnaturally".

As an aside: even if the person depicted in that photo had compatible plumbing; they're still not sexually attractive to me.  Personal taste will always be part of the equation, and it needs to be accounted for.


  1. Even for those who are "straight" there is no guarantee that anyone in particular will find them suitable as a sex partner. Looks matter. Sorry... and it is true regardless of orrientation or identiy...

    I would guess that a lot of gay men would not find either of the two people in that article attractive even though (I assume) they have the parts that gay men like to have sex with. Based on people I know, there are a lot of gay men who are pretty particular about the kind of gay men they find attractive. Some like "twinks"... some like "bears"... some don't appear to be as particular of course, but I suspect they've still got their "types" and things that they find attractive or unattractive... Bottom line is I belive that the further someone gets away from the "norm" for any particular group the smaller the pool of people who are going to be into them. While I believe there is probably someone out there for everyone... the numbers may get pretty tiny the more unique a person is. Whether that is biology or choice, it is still reality.

  2. I have met a few male-to-female "transsexuals," and they aren't particularly convincing to me as females. The closer I look, the more details are wrong. Women I've spoken to say the same thing; they are better at spotting tiny details than guys are (in general) and they can see all sorts of things that just aren't right.

    1. We don't put transexual in quotes around here, Sir. It's a courtesy.


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