04 July 2013

TL 4

Hitting a brick wall with TL2 and TL3, but TL4 is conceptualizing well.

Cirilo di Faenza.

Master swordsman.  Sometime soldier.  Fancies himself a philosopher, but he's not very original OR well read.

But he can fence.

He has zero sense of humor and is incredibly thin skinned.

The kind of person whom you would have expected to die quickly in a dueling society.

Did I mention he can fence?

Others have tried to end him outside of duels but he never seems to be in the right place at the right time for some other fate to befall him.  His mysterious luck at avoiding lethal encounters from beyond sword range have earned him the nickname Cirilo il Gatto.

He is a barely competent teacher of fencing and that is where is meager income derives.

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The fencing weapons made me look up how they work.  Here's where I spot another major difference between 3e and 4e.

In 3e parry was 1/2 your weapon skill, fencing weapons 2/3.  And there was a passive defense (PD) bonus.

In 4e all weapons are 3+(1/2 skill).  Where fencing weapons come into their own is they are -2 instead of -4 for successive parries per hand per turn.

The next big change is the retreat maneuver.  In 3e it was a +3 to any defense roll.  In 4e it's +3 to dodge and +1 to block or parry.  Fencing weapons are still +3 though.

With Cirilo's 17 skill with a rapier and combat reflexes he has a normal parry of 12!  Plus he fights main-gauche so he's got a 12 with the dagger too.  If he retreats he gets two parries at 15, then two at 13 then two at 11 assuming he's got six opponents...

Don't catch il Gatto in a bad mood (and he's always in a bad mood).

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