04 November 2013

Being Polite

Mrs Myfriend, you married my friend.  That doesn't automatically make US friends.  That doesn't automatically earn you the slack that my friend gets.

It means you get a certain amount of civility.

It means that when you patter on and on about topics I have no interest in, I will not tell you to shut up.

It means that when you're patently wrong on a topic I know well, I will not call you an ignorant cow.

It means that when you constantly interrupt and change the topic back to one I have no interest in or to express your ignorance on something I do, I shut up and stop talking.

Because I am being polite.

I did not go off on your boor of a father at your wedding out of consideration for my friend, your husband, NOT YOU.

I do not tell you what an ignorant boor YOU are out of consideration of my friend's feelings, not yours.

Politeness has limits.  I'm getting close to mine because you won't back off and notice that you're being tolerated out of polite consideration towards your husband.

I don't give a fuck who you are related to from the Revolutionary War.

I don't give a fuck about how Texas is better than every other place.

I resent being lectured on how where I live is inferior to Texas.

I don't like seeing my friend being berated by you because you're disorganized and anal about your broken process.

I am sick of sitting in silence listening to you lecture on things that are patently wrong about several topics.  You want to talk about these things?  Fine, well talk, but I have sources that prove you wrong.  But you don't want to talk about those things, you just wanna lecture.

The reality of the situation is that if I'd met you at a party I would never see you again.  I would avoid you.  Because you are married to one of my oldest friends, if I want to see him, I have to see you.

While I am unwilling to lose my friend, I have lost friends before and can cope with the loss.  At least if I walk away there's a chance that I can be friends with him again someday.  If you keep being a fucking cunt, I'll eventually tell you that you are and that will be the end of the friendship and there will be no reconciliation.

Just like if he reads this blog.

I'm just too pissed to care at this point.

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