08 November 2013

Rubicon At My Back

Got the funds for selling one gun safely deposited, and my first disposition entry in my bound book.

Stabbed the "buy it now" button on a 1985 Israeli police contract FN Herstal made Hi Power Mk II.  Parkerized with plastic stocks.  "Excellent" condition with original slide, barrel and matching numbers. Sadly, just a single ten-round magazine.

Now for the fun job of rounding up a local FFL to charge me $30-$50 to write some information in their bound book.

The Browning HP has appeared on quite a few character sheets of mine over the decades.  The first example was a Top Secret character since it had 13 shots.  And since the only lists of gun stats we had at the time was the game and a couple of WW2 gun books, it truly was grand puissance.

That whole "available from 1935" thing caused it to appear in quite a few other characters too.  Players go for more shots like real folks do when even a whiff of an AWB is mentioned.

This gun is both a firsts and lasts gun for me.

I've an extensive collection of guns that are JMB designed.  I've long been a fan of the FAL, designed by Dieudonné Saive.  The Hi-Power is the last gun Browning had a hand in, and Saive brought it to completion.  The last Browning, the first Saive.

Another perk of the design from a gamer perspective is the sheer ubiquity of it.  The list of users is damned near the whole world less USSR, Warsaw Pact and USA.

It occurs that while John Moses Browning was The Prophet, Dieudonné Saive is the preacher who got The Word out.  Except for the Ma Deuce, few of Browning's designs got the international penetration that the HP and FAL achieved.

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