07 November 2013

Open Tab

Because I am looking at Browning Hi-Powers, I opened up a new tab to Browning's web page that lets you figure out when a gun was made based on the serial number.

The tab is titled, "Date Your Firearm".

Do I have to buy it dinner too?  Wait, I guess I do; ammo.

Now I feel guilty, I'm going to cheat on it like the same day I finally get it.


  1. Maybe I should date mine. It's prior military (I think Canadian)...that's a cool thing for them to do.

  2. The Browning site probably won't be of much help since it was John Inglis who manufactured those guns and may not have conformed to FN's serial system. There was a war on at the time. If there's a CH in the serial number there are a couple places with the dates. If there's a T, not so much.


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