26 November 2013

Gun Thought

I have at least two friends whom I've gotten into shooting.

They appear to understand the whole thing about rights.


They'd sell the gun because they were moving to place that banned guns in a heartbeat.

Not, "I'd never move someplace where my gun is banned."

A couple of them don't even bother to vote.  Although as time goes on and I find myself voting more and more against rather than for...

But I have not managed to successfully communicate how important it is that the Constitution is a limiting document, that our government is well outside those limits and bringing back to those limits is a wholesale good for everyone to this small group that almost gets it on their own.

How on earth would I explain it to someone who doesn't understand at all?

To someone who doesn't understand that something can be both wrong and legal?  Interestingly these people all seem to grasp that something can be right and illegal.

To someone who doesn't grasp that "the Supreme Court is/was wrong" is a perfectly valid statement.

How do I explain that they shouldn't buy a product from a vendor who is not supporting our rights if I can't get them to understand what their rights are and what that means?

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