08 November 2013

Pretty Solidly Dead In Committee

Stand Your Ground Repeal Dead In The Water 11-2.

But they still want a (another) recount.  And no matter how it comes out, they want their way.

Fuck 'em!


  1. Remind me just WHY the Usual Ones are so fussed about SYG? It didn't have anything to do with the Zimmerman case. Zimmerman was on his back with Martin straddling him and beating his head against the pavement, for the ghods' sake! If I were doing something like that to someone, and he shot me dead, I don't think anybody, even my friends and family, would deny that I had it coming!

    1. It really boils down to the real root of all that's been wrong politically in the US for a long time. Control. SYG is letting a citizen have more options when it comes time to defend themselves, like choosing the ground to fight from. The requirement to retreat puts both the when and the where in the criminal's hands.


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