23 November 2013


I just noticed something...

I'm right eye dominant in every one of the little parlor tests you can take.

I am right handed.

I was playing around dry firing the Hi-Power with my left hand to get used to the idea and I suddenly noticed that I'm just naturally using my left eye.

So naturally, in fact, that I apparently have no trouble using my non-dominant eye in the dominant role.

1 comment:

  1. As long as your eye you're TRYING to use remains dominant when you want it, it's all good. I don't really have a dominant eye (left eye tends to function as dominant without my glasses because it's slightly better. The results of all eye dominance tests for me are determined by which hand I'm using to perform the test), but when I'm trying to aim my eyes always want to make whichever has the best view of what I'm looking at dominant, even if that's not the eye I'm attempting to aim with. If you can get it to play nice with you, it's quite handy for off-hand shooting.


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