07 November 2013

How Does X = Y

Liability insurance for guns has been going around lately.

Some have been saying that it's de facto gun registration and some are wondering how that may be.

Go check your car insurance.  You will notice the VIN number of every vehicle on the policy there.  You get temporary indemnity for recent purchase and in some cases for rented and borrowed cars; but there's a time limit where if the car is not listed on the policy, coverage is no longer extended.

Try getting a coverage rider for theft added to your home-owner's policy.  They will ask make, model and serial number of every gun covered.  This is so you cannot claim the loss of your non-existent Luger collection.

The insurance company is going to want to know the number of shooters and number of guns.  They are going to ask questions like how often you carry and where.  They're going to make inquiries about training.

How is this all registration?

The standards to obtain a subpoena are fairly low.  Once there's a nice, mandatory, list of every gun at the insurance office they can simply subpoena the records and, viola! they have a shopping list for seizure.

How would they get grounds to subpoena those records, you may ask?  When insurance is mandatory, having an uninsured gun will be a crime.  Perhaps equivalent to speeding, but it gives law enforcement a reason to ask for your paperwork.  Sure, you have your insurance card for that gun, but they have to verify that card is valid; so they call the insurance company and get your policy.  Viola again.

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