27 November 2013


Got this from Gunbroker for a reasonable $25.

Made in China for Leapers for TAPCO...

Mounted it to Dottie's flat-top.

The mounting post and hook are well below the line of sight of the BUIS when deployed, but I didn't take a picture of the sight extended.
With eye-cup.

Without eye-cup.  Looks "Star-Wars" without the eye-cup.

Again, I am struck by the clarity of the optics.  Better than a 4x scope has a right to be considering I bought it when Clinton was president for $50 and it spent an alarming amount of time underwater.  Time to take it out and get her zeroed!

Update to comment on the clarity.  Took it out to the back yard and noticed Jupiter was out.  I can see the Galilean moons!  With just 4x!

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