17 September 2015


Fingers crossed for FuzzyGeff.

He's come down with a detached retina and is going under the knife tomorrow.

On the plus side, bet he'll have to wear an eyepatch for Talk Like A Pirate Day!

If you can think of that as a plus.


  1. Ugh! Good thoughts and vibes on the way!

  2. Thanks, guys.

    I’m out of surgery and recovering at home. Okay, this is weird. There’s a band around my eyeball, which is never coming out; I’m almost certainly going to need a new glasses prescription. No point in measuring for that just yet, because the gas bubble they also put in there isn’t supposed to be absorbed for something like another week.

    The retina itself seems to be fully functional again. I was worried for a couple days, when I could still see a dark pattern where the damage was, but that seems to be completely healed.

    Learn from my mistakes: if you get a big floater of blood that would look right on a movie screen with half-naked hoplites, or find a dark patch anywhere in your visual field (no matter how small or peripheral), go to an eye doctor ASAP. This doesn’t merely not heal on its own; it keeps getting worse until the eye becomes completely useless, and the repairs get progressively more difficult and invasive. I didn’t go all the way to complete blindness, but, yeah, way too long.


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