15 September 2015


I was going to compare the scandals of the Bush II administration to the Obama administration and note how often Hillary Clinton is attached to them...

I can't do it.

About midway into it I realized, again, that the real problem is "our" government has departed from the Constitutionally limited reservation long, long ago.

Before my parents were born long ago.

Nearly everything both sides are bitching about is caused by this exceeding of authority.

Nearly everything both sides are bitching about is exacerbated by the legislative branch abdicating their legislative power to the executive branch via regulation.  The executive branch should have refused the power on constitutional grounds.  The judicial branch should have stepped in and said, "Not so fast!  YOU can't give it away and YOU cannot accept it."


My mind whirls in a world of jurisprudence where the both butterfly effect of growing wheat for personal use is "interstate commerce" subject to federal regulation and where I cannot challenge the laws forbidding the manufacture of a new machine gun for private owner ship because I don't have standing.

The system is broken.

They were right and I was wrong, voting will not fix it.

See you in the cattle cars.


  1. "The system is broken."

    Or, the system is working exactly as intended and we're wrong.

    I worry about a person who won't even entertain to possibility that her premises might be faulty, especially when that person is me. o.O

    1. The system was fixed and the fix is in!

  2. To have an intention , there must be an intend-er. The identification of this individual or group will cement the "broken" or "working as designed" designation.


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