04 September 2015

Tools Are Investments

Once again the tool-box which seemed so expensive to two exes and occasionally Harvey has paid for itself!

The right front caliper had become stuck.

Number one likely cause on a GM B-Body caliper is the sliders.  The outside slides on the tips of the slider pin and the inside slides on a sleeve that the pin passes through.

Gave the pins a good cleaning and put some dry lubricant on the o-rings they slide against in the caliper.

Pumped the brakes up a few times, worked the caliper back and forth with a c-clamp a few times.

Put it all back together and it seems fine now.

No pull to either side whether I am off or on the brakes now.  When it got stuck it was pulling hard and there was a serious vibration as the rotor was forced through the pads.

Let's hear it for tools and Mechanic/TL8 (Automobile)!

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