27 December 2011


This is my 640-3.  Zit and all.

Tam is to blame.  I recall her saying something to the effect that if you pulled the trigger a thousand times you'd end up with a really good trigger pull.

Being who I am, I said, "why dry fire when you can shoot"?  Why use .38 when you have .357?  Now I know.  Ouch.  But I do have an honest 600 rounds through the gun without a hiccup (from the gun).  To be fair, it was a shot 50 rounds at a time not all at once.  This is the first gun I've owned where I had to force myself to finish a box of ammo.  The first gun where I didn't have to force myself to take ammo home.  I really don't like shooting it.  The sights suck, recoil is harsh, lookitthat fireball!  OK, the fireball is fun.

This not even as light as Jay G's Snubby From Hell™.  I remember when I first read about the Snubby From Hell™, my very first thought was, "like my gun but LIGHTER?"  No.  Way.  Ever.

But I learned a lot from this gun.  I learned how to properly fire double action.  I learned that how you hold a revolver is not the same as how you hold an auto.  I learned that when Tam says "dry fire" she doesn't mean "go shooting".

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