19 December 2011

Using Youtube To Review Guns

I have a couple of hints for you...

If <gasp> you <gasp> can't <gasp> breathe <gasp> you <gasp> shouldn't <gasp> be <gasp> talking <GASP GASP GASP>.

Check the <rumble rumble rumble> wind speeds.

Two words: Tri Pod.

Have a helper shoot you in the left foot with a pellet rifle every time you say "uh".

Learn to write.

See above.


Rehearse!  Don't post your first attempt.

About that writing thing, if you can say everything you need to say without showing an actual video, just write it down and post to a blog.  This saves me from listening to your emphysema, not hearing you from the wind over the mic and getting motion sickness because you clearly drank a fifth of vodka to get the courage to post, but forgot what that would do to your steadiness.


  1. Why I blog. As you know I can gab up a storm, but I can't keep on a topic to save my life, also when I TRY and stay on topic I stutter like a drunk.

    So yeah I like to talk, and I don't mind showing my mug to the intertubes...but I'm doing the world a favor by writing.

  2. Um... uh... well... so... uh...


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