31 December 2011

Grammar Nazi

I am not normally too bad about grammar.

I may chide my friends from time to time, but bad grammar in a living language is par for the course as the language morphs.

The problem arises when the primary function of language begins to fail.  Language is for communication. If the grammar you are using is not intelligible to the person whom you are trying to communicate with, you are failing.

The basics are pretty easy.  Sentence structure isn't that hard.  The rules are also pretty damn easy.

Things that would make my life on forums easier.

Learn where the shift key is!  Start sentences with a capital letter and end them with some form of punctuation.

If you're using a computer there's no damn excuse for words being spelled wrong.  Spell checkers are pervasive.  Using the wrong word is more understandable, the computer is not normally going to let you know you used the wrong to, too or two; let alone there, their or they're.

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  1. I am firmly convinced that some people would lose their trains of thought if they took the fraction of a second required to hit "shift" or "."

    Imaging a world deprived of their brilliance, if it couldn't flow unhindered from their minds to their keyboards. (Sad face.)


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