29 December 2011


One sign of principles is sticking to them.

Letting them guide you not the fickle winds of public opinion.

It's saying, "I will not do that," then not doing that!  Saying you will never and then doing it anyway is not principled.

Yes, a principled person can amend their position, but they also have to explain why.  They have to admit their principles were not in keeping with their present reality and show the process whereby their minds were changed about it.

What you cannot do is change your mind and still maintain your principles are unchanged.

Being principled is not easy.  You will be punished for it.  You will miss opportunities because of them.

It is work and there are rewards.  The rewards exceed the pain.  The opportunities that you don't miss are bigger and better than the ones you missed.

At the end you will know you did it the right way.

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