12 December 2011

Rifle Shooting

I need to get out and extend the range I shoot at.  I find myself plinking at 50 yards far too often with rifles that readily do 100+.

A torso sized silhouette is readily visible at that distance and the irons are adequate for the work.

I just need to practice!

7.62x51mm NATO recoil: I've never had a problem.  Yes, there's more than with 5.56, but that stands to reason; more energy is going down range and Newton will not be denied.

If you think about it, of course .308 isn't overpoweringly powerful.  It's the final battle rifle round we developed.  Battle rifle rounds from the introduction of smokeless powder (and before too) had to be issued to raw recruits and conscripts.  Genuine 90th percentile folks.  If the recoil was too much for the average person, then none of your soldiers would be able to shoot worth a damn.  Everything is a compromise!

The FAL tips the scales at just more than 11 pounds loaded.  That absorbs a lot of recoil all by itself.  The moving parts devour another portion.  I guess the muzzle brake is doing something too, but probably not too much.

What I do notice is my FAL jumps a bit more and takes a little longer to get back on target than my XM177E2 clone.  More recoil and a longer heavier rifle will do that.

Maybe, someday, I will get inspired and try 3-gun again.  I had a lot of fun the one time I did it before, but coming in dead last sucks and I didn't have the ammo money to improve my scores back then.  Also, a Glock 21, Daewoo DR200 and Remington 870 are not an ideal combination.

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