27 December 2011

The Devil You Know

I predict that President Obama will be reelected.

I also predict the Senate returning to Republican hands while the House remains Republican.


We know Barry pretty well by now.

We also know enough about Romney, Gingrich and Paul to know that they would be different but not better in everything except whom they would pick for the Supreme Court.  Since the Senate is more than involved there, perhaps we could avert the disaster somewhat.

We don't know enough about Perry to really claim he'd be more than different, but what we've seen is promising.  Except he's a bit heavy on the God thing for my tastes.  Not to mention how I am almost pre-weary of the "governor from Texas" meme that's bound to be coming.  He'll be Bush 45...  Bush the Third...  Anything but himself.

Gods, I want a candidate to vote FOR.  I am sick to death of being presented with "here's the guy you get because we know you're voting against the other guy."

It's a nice feeling to have such.  I voted FOR Marco Rubio.  I voted FOR Rick Scott.  Back when, I voted FOR Jeb Bush.  My state political machine seems to have figured it out, why can't the national level?

Of course voting for someone isn't all milk and cookies.  I voted for Ross Perot.  That was the last presidential candidate I voted for.  I voted against Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry and Barack Obama not for Bob Dole, George W Bush or John McCain.

My write in candidate, sadly, passed away this year.  I don't even have Bill Gerber any more.

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  1. Yeah. Barring any sudden changes in the Rethuglican lineup, my ballot will have a check next to either Obama or some independent who probably doesn't have a chance in hell of winning (if someone runs), but it will be a vote against the R candidate. With the R's expected to take Congress I at least want someone they'll oppose on general principle (even if it's only the principle of "He's one of them, so he must be opposed!"), rather than a RINO they'll support just as unquestioningly because "He's one of us."

    The last time around I did vote "for" someone, though. Unfortunately, that meant putting the checkmark next to McCain to vote for her.


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