23 December 2011

Another Piece of Evidence We're Winning.

Just for a lark I strapped on my Anaconda to wander around the house and while I was geeking out making a GURPS character.

The water delivery guy showed up, so I opened up the garage to let him swap the bottles.

No freak out about the gun at all, just a "Is that a .44?"

He didn't know that Colt made them in .45 Colt.


  1. One of the workmen who was doing work in my basement was super excited to ask me about reloading when he saw my reloading press.

    Yeah even in Massachusetts the antis are losing SERIOUS ground.

    I'm betting there are a substantial number of people who live in NYC who would love to see the Sullivan act shitcanned

  2. Hell, *I* would have freaked out.

    "Damn, but that's a nice piece!"


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