09 December 2011

Going Furry

I didn't want to be "that guy".  Am I "that guy"?  I probably am.  Dammit.

I like my 6.8's.  I'm happy with them.  I want to share the happy with others!

I will readily concede that there are situations where 6.5 Grendel outperforms 6.8x43mm.  Longer ranges in particular.

If 6.5 Grendel is working for you, and you're happy, why do I have to be sad for choosing the "other"?

Tam says I reminded her of an earlier thread; it's older than that.  I have two uncles that couldn't be in the same room because of the .30-06 vs .280 Remington issue.  Mentioning .270 Winchester in the middle of that fight would just get them to gang up on you.

Since I am going to go full YIF! here...

Is 6.8 ballistically identical to 7.62x39?  No it is not.  More energy at the muzzle, better sectional density, better ballistic coefficient, flatter trajectory.  Even if it was identical, the "works in an AR mag-well" would make it a good choice.

Is 6.8 going to be adopted by the military?  Probably not.  Nor is 6.5.  .300 Blk prolly doesn't have a Whisper's chance either.  NATO would not be amused if we did that again.  Even so, we're talking about a logistics nightmare during the change-over.  The change from M193 to M855 was bad enough and there the magazines and bolts were the same.

Is 6.8 going to be adopted by the police?  Yes.  It's already being used by a couple of police forces and more than a few individual officers.  Just like 6.5, actually.

I've seen the .30-06/.280 Rem/.270 Win test done by more than one magazine.  But that was before they'd become so obviously controlled by advertising.

Why don't we run that test?  First, we can't get anyone to agree to what fair conditions are.  Second even when we get agreement that the test isn't apples to oranges, the other side doesn't show up!

There have been repeated offers from the 6.8 camp to run an Apples to Apples comparison.  16" barrels and the best load for that barrel you can brew.  I want to see this test run.

I've seen the offer posted in at least three forums and not seen a single 6.5 person offer to show up.  Put up or shut up says I!


But I am not really that confrontational.

I'm happy with my choice.  I would probably have been happy with 6.5.  I would probably be happy with .300 Blk.  Honestly, I want you to be happy too!

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  1. It's the Grendel fans that remind me of furries, actually. ;)


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