03 December 2011

Ultimate KISS Rifle

I think that Tabitha is the ultimate expression of a KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) AR.

No fragile optics.

No fiddly collapsible stock.

No useless forward assist.

No poodle slaying cartridge.

Everything you need, nothing your don't.

Plus it's superbly balanced!

For those scoring at home.  Tabitha is a KoTonics 6.8x43mm SPCII, 1:11, 16" midlength gas system using a vintage R604 upper, Stag bolt-carrier group, NoDak-Spud full-fence lower, lower parts kit from a gun-show vendor, new handguards from PK Firearms, vintage M16A1 type E stock and pistol grip.  A2 style flash-hider spun onto 5/8-24 threads and a side-sling adaptor with a vintage "seat-belt" style sling.

Everything but the gas-tube, flash-hider and handguards was laying in my parts bin after being discarded or rejected from other builds.  That makes this my cheapest AR to date since the costs of most of the parts were absorbed as part of other rifles.

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