10 December 2011

Jasmine Is Zeroed!

Back from the range.

Swapping the lowers meant swapping the rear sight, that means the zero can be affected.  It was.

Took a half turn of the adjustment screws to the right to get her dead on.

Zeroed with Mag-Tech (Brazilian) 150gr, all was well.

Then I tried to use up some ammo that I'd bought in '95 or so that I had originally given to Dumbass Shitheel (before he started beating his wife and when he owned a .308 rifle).  The stuff wouldn't chamber and would get stuck trying to get it out.  Gave up on that and changed over to some surplus Czech stuff.

The Czech stuff shot great, but it was corrosive so there was much cleaning to do when I got home.  I spritzed the bore with some windex before packing up at the range and blasted it pretty good again when I got home, then some WD40 to chase out the windex and then my normal thorough cleaning job.


  1. Was the Czech Corrosive stuff the S&W in the Greenish Cardboard boxes?

    I had light-strikes like crazy with that stuff in my FAL.

  2. I identified it as S&B from the head-stamp. It came in a bag from a local shop.

    Head stamp is 308W at 12, o at 9 and 3, 83 at 6. I should post a pic!


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