06 December 2011

Errant Politically Incorrect Thought

I look at gun control and all the fallacies surrounding it.

Then I realize something.

There's a far simpler way for gun-owners to get everything we've ever wanted.

Become the blood thirsty savages the media claims we are already.

Think about it.

Why do I think it would work in our favor?

Why didn't we tell the ground zero mosque people to piss up a rope?

A demonstrated willingness to commit violence seems to work on the liberals, doesn't it?

Why don't we?

Simply put; it's because we aren't blood-thirsty savages.  We're civilized.  While the means make the ends; we're content to use civilization's time honored tools to achieve our ends, because the means matter to such as we.

The outcome will be the same, we'll have all our rights back.  We will also have a clear conscious at the end.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, better to fight this nonsense the slow and hard way than become the very monster I carry a gun to protect against.

    Still you are right, just like the abuse of Christians, and smokers, and people who drive sports cars etc etc they are abused because they LET them abuse them.


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