22 December 2011

Now That Someone Else Has Mentioned It...


I remember Mr Paul back in those '90's.

I remember saying, "Well, he's good on guns..."

Unspoken, "but..."

He profited handsomely from those newsletters and has utterly failed to put any real distance on the position.

Even if it was "just a marketing tactic" it's damning that he'd even consider it; let alone actually print it!

If your name is on it, you own it.  If you allowed someone else to write it and hang your name on it, you still own it!

Someone who storms off stage when the press asks about this is not someone I want as a dog-catcher let alone president.

I am not infatuated with libertarianism.  Like all simple utopian ideals it falls apart with the slightest touch of reality.  I believe I mentioned that feudalism can be constructed without violating libertarianism.  Hardly freedom, is it?

Still, Mr Paul is not Mitt Romney.  I'll take a racist libertarian ideologue over gun-grabbing RINO.


I forgot the dog whistling Truther shit!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah I have some severe dislike of Ron Paul (see also his 2008 Meet the Press interview where he was CRUSHED by Russert throwing the softest of softballs)

    He's got some cool Libertarian Philosophies, he's got some lousy isolationist foreign policy ideas, and if he's ever elected President he'll have ZERO idea how to accomplish ANY of it, so the BEST result for a Paul Presidency is gridlock, the worst is a Libertarian version of the various "Worker's Paradises", good intentions, and piles of dead from the suck and fail.

    I'll still vote for him in the GOP primary, because who the fuck else will I vote for?

    I'd vote for him in the general election too because if its any of the other people currently running, I'd rather deal with four more years of Zero, and hope the party learns a valuable lesson.


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