13 December 2011

The Question Remains

Ergo makes a stock that I am kinda interested in.

The gun I would buy it for has an OD green theme going on, so I would want the OD green version of this stock.

This is not a problem since Ergo makes it in OD green.

Brownells sells the stock, but their listing is pretty clearly the black version.

They have a little Q&A app with each listing so I asked, "Will you be carrying the OD Green version?"

Their reply, "You will need to call our tech support line at (641) 623-5401 Ext. 5003 for the proper selection. You should have the gun in hand or available when you call. You may also want to contact us via e-mail at tech@brownells.com"

Yup, their robot replied with a generic response.  This is an answer that could have been placed in a disclaimer at the bottom of the page.  This is not an answer to the question.

This is exactly what I am talking about when I mention that the internet changed everything.  I know of six other vendors who are selling the green version.  Any one of whom would have happily sold me one while I fruitlessly waited for a reply from Brownells.  Next time I will know not to waste my time with the Q&A app and just buy from a vendor who lists it clearly and shows the item in stock.

I like Brownells, but Midway kicks their asses all damn day on the web.

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