14 December 2017

Not One Inch!

No compromise is a guaranteed loss unless you are undeniably, and overwhelmingly powerful.

The pro-gun side of the debate isn't that powerful.

If we could get anything done without compromise, it'd be done already and we wouldn't be doing so much own-goaling right now.

No compromise forgets that this is a political fight.

The pure vacuum which is the sand-table version of The US Constitution and Bill of Rights does not, and never did actually exist.

There's a universe of difference between "how things ought to be" and "how things really are."

Acting as if "ought to be" is "really is" will lead to you being defeated and outmaneuvered every single time.  Usually while you stand there baffled by how you just lost a "sure win!"

OK, you don't wanna bill that "fixes NICS"...  Fine.

Name the Congresscreature and cite the bill that repeals NICS.  Go on.  I'm waiting...  So are you.

What are you actually doing besides petulantly declaring that you won't work with ANYONE if you don't get your own, and full, way.  Don't forget to stamp your feet and hold your breath until you turn blue.

Should a fucking miracle occur and CCW reciprocity pass The Senate with the same text as what The House passed; don't you fucking DARE carry any place you're banned from carrying now.

You fought against it, you shouldn't benefit from it even a little bit.  Remember, you didn't want it because it's tainted with... more but harder on the government submitting records.

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