30 May 2014

Captain Greene

Related to the players would just space the bitch.

In one of my first conversions of LBB Traveller to GURPS the players rebelled.

They demanded that one particular player, FuzzyGeff, be forced to make a character who was not, "a squeaky clean, law abiding, Eagle Scout."

FuzzyGeff obliged and they made a desperate pirate crue.

Their first haul was a fat noble's yacht.  The crew of the yacht, with the threat of bodily injury imminent, hand over the son of the actual owner.

Changing smoothly and seamlessly from piracy to kidnapping they grab the teen and haul ass before the local patrol cruiser can respond.

To show the dad they're serious, the lop off one of the kid's fingers and ship it off.

The players have less imagination than I do about how to trace a parcel back to its source, so the noble learns where they're hiding and sends a couple of Imperial Navy destroyers to deal with them.

The 200t fast courier is no match for a single 1,500t destroyer (but it can outjump it) so there's much panic among the group.

"We have to let him go!" they wail.  They'll stop to pick him up and we can get to a safe jump distance and escape.

FuzzyGeff, Captain Greene, agrees.  His character grabs the kid by the scruff, tosses him into the airlock and hits the cycle button.  "There, we've let him go!"

I did not omit the step where Green put the kid in his suit...  He skipped it.

"You pushed him out the lock without his suit!?!" the other players, and I exclaim.

FuzzyGeff sighs.  Has his character grab a spare suit, toss it in the airlock and hit cycle.

"There, he has a suit now.  Happy?"

I'm laughing and the players who insisted that FuzzyGeff be forced to break his law-abiding ways are stunned to silence.

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  1. Some people, when they go bad, go all the way bad.


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