20 May 2017


Did the wheel hubs on The Precious today.

Pics of the right-rear to show what happened on all four.

It's straight forward, but tedious.  You've got to separate the lower ball joints to gain access to one of the T-55 bolts holding the hub to the knuckle, and it becomes simpler to just take the whole knuckle off to get more room to work.

Gods, did the lower fight on all four hubs, despite using the proper J-tool for the job.

The axle nuts were barely snugged down by the UAW at Bowling Green.  A known issue, but Jeebus...  Now they're torqued properly.

It's kind of astonishing how small vibrations become big vibrations before you notice them and you don't really realize HOW big until you repair the part causing the issue.


  1. Hmm, some synchronicity going around, I was in the shop pulling front bearings off my Jetta today, the rumble became a roar with added gravitas on right turns. Left wheel bearing shot. Could wobble the wheel almost 1/2", happened in the space of a week, silent to roar. Almost as complicated to get them off though I soaking it all in PB Blast and see if I can remove the bearings without having to take the entire knuckle off the McPherson strut. Did buy the whole bearing removal kit from the PRC outlet (Harbor Freight), get to find out if it works. Happy wrenching.

  2. I am knuckles deep in replacing the torque converter bearings in my hobby car.

    That job isn't so bad, but everything from the rear bumper forwards has to come out to get at the damn things.

    Now I find that my little shop press is a half inch too narrow to take the front TC cover, so I need to find someone with a larger version to get the old bearings out, and the new ones in.


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