11 May 2017

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Fired the first 100 rounds down the pipe for the M9 today.  Exactly double the number a goodly number of other handguns ever fire.

Top left is 115gr Perfecta, Top right is 115gr Magtech.  As you can see, it's got no preference between them.

Bottom left is me changing from my shooting eye protection to my prescription glasses.  Bottom right is Willard's only 15 rounds through an M9 ever.

Being able to see the front sight clearly is more important than being able to see the target clearly.  CONFIRMED!  I started out with the no-prescription eye-pro just to conduct this experiment.

Except for the top left, this was a speed round.  Started with 5 rounds in the gun, 15 in the spare magazine, 5 rounds per target fast as you can.

I am not fast with the M9.  Rather, I'm plenty fast, I'm not as accurate as I'd like.  Still, those aren't horrid groups and would probably suffice.  I will still practice, though.  I like making smaller groups over larger ones.

There's people we see at the range who can't shoot this good with careful aim and no particular rush between shots.


  1. I bit the bullet, so to speak, and splashed out for eye pro that accepts a prescription insert.

    Gave the insert to the optometrist, and asked for a set of lenses that matched my computer use prescription.
    My PC/desk setup has the screens at about three feet from my eyes, so a standard reading script won't cut it.

    Coincidentally, that distance is almost exactly where the front sight sits with arms extended in a firing grip - that front sight now stands out like it should. As a result, my accuracy when shooting with iron sights has improved markedly.

    1. My prescription bifocals are shop rated. With rifles, it's better for me to go with no scrip. With pistols it's best to use the reading portion.


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