31 May 2017

Aviation Trivia

How can you tell a T-38 from an F-5B or F-5F?

Leading edge slats.

Although the Talon and Freedom Fighter/Tiger are closely related, they diverged quickly from their common N-156 starting point.


  1. The F-20 Tigerhshark is probably my favorite jet other than the A-10

    1. I've occasionally wondered if they'd kept calling it an F-5G if it'd met with some sales.

      By going F-20 it gave an impression that it was USAF type classified, and it wasn't.

      I also would have advocated for the F-20A as an adversary aircraft to replace the A-4's and F-5's at places like TOPGUN, the engine commonality with F/A-18 should have been a selling point.


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