17 May 2017

You'd Think

You would think that after more than 100 years of trying that they'd get it through their thick skulls that perhaps the reason that the various forms of socialism haven't worked is because all the various forms of socialism don't work.

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  1. You'd think. But the people who believe in it are generally the worst kind of utopianists. They are also the first people who go up against the wall when the authoritarians masquerading as socialists in order to take power are done with them. And they don't ever figure it out until people like Lenin, Mao, etc., are rounding them all up and sending them to "re-education camps" or lining them up for a firing squad and then into a lime filled trench.

    The problem is... if you actually READ all of Marx, not just the Cliff's Notes version or skimmed over it you'd find out that even Marx didn't believe that his dream could work until production was to the point where there were big excesses and that then socialism would sort of naturally happen. Idealists like to think they can shortcut the process even when there is not enough excess for that to happen (they always over-estimate the number of "rich" and how rich those people really are and underestimate how many poor there are and how poor those people really are). They also grossly overestimate how many people sympathize with their ideals and underestimate the power of things like greed. A few malcontents or people actively working to subvert a system can really put it amuck, not to mention the lazy and incapable weighing things down. The highly capable often tend to get jaded and resentful and don't like having to be coerced at gunpoint to try to make these systems work.


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