12 May 2017


A couple of places have made note that groups like Antifa and Some Black Lives Matter More Than Others have already made the decision to use violence against anyone who opposes them.

The Rubicon, as it were, is at their backs.

I submit that they are forgetting something important about some of their opposition.

There's a few of us for whom the, "can I kill someone?" question has already been answered with, "yes."

It really doesn't matter if they enjoyed it or not.  It doesn't matter if there's a few provisos, modifiers or conditions to the answer.

That there are people who know that they can if they must means that using violence on or at them is very dangerous.

The knowing if you can or not is a massive advantage.  Especially if you know you can, because there will be less hesitation at the proverbial moment of truth.

This is the original moment of truth, by the way.

Also, just for the people worried about that rabble firing together in the desert, lots of the people who can answer yes have been under fire from folks who were entirely too professional about it.


  1. I killed for my country. In retrospect those goat farmers weren't much of a foreign enemy. However, I recognize a domestic enemy when I see one.

  2. The opening words of my (unpublished so far, damn it) novel: "Killing is easy. Any fool can do it. Many fools have."

    1. You'd be surprised. A goodly number of people, fools or not, can't do it. At least not individually where they can see the effects.


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