10 May 2017

Now I Need A Sabre

Because Willard has provided a horse pistol!

It's a made in the USA (well, Maryland) commercial M9!

Nostalgia itch: Scratched.

Willard has hit the nail on the head with my nostalgia and this pistol.  He feels much the same way with the M16A1.

"It's like meeting your ex-wife years later.  There's a wash of fondness as the good memories hit from the good times.  Then you suddenly recall why you divorced the bitch."


Because I've a lot more experience with other guns now than I did, it's not the alien monster I remember in my hand.  But it's still not near as good a fit as an M1911A1 or High Power.

Because of the capacious trigger guard, it appears to be smaller than it really is.  In many ways, it's an enlarged M1951.

This unicorn was astonishingly difficult to lay hands on!  MSRP is a ridiculous $630, and the places that have them in stock seem to think that's appropriate for their street price.

Botach advertised them at $475 with three magazines, plus $25 shipping.  Willard even ordered one.  He placed his order on April 7, 2017.  It's still showing as "awaiting payment" as I post this.  Botach is a company that seems to run hot or cold.  You either have no problems, or it's a shit show.

I found a vendor on Gunbroker, Ed's Public Safety, out of Georgia, who had nine listed at $500 plus $25 shipping.  Willard ordered two and got the shipping dropped to $20 each!  That was Monday.  Notice pictures of the delivered gun?  Yes, that's how you do this!  I'll even plug the seller!  CLICK HERE

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