13 May 2017

Dem Odds

Just a reminder to the innumerate or people who actively destroyed their education with subtle drugs...

A 10 or less on 3d6 is a 50% chance.

So in our discussion of death and consciousness rolls a HT 10 person has a 50% of remaining conscious or surviving with a single roll.

Multiple rolls make it more deadly.

The chance of surviving two death rolls is 25%, three is 12.5%, four is 6.25% and five is auto-death.

This is why you want your damage to get multiple rolls against death.

By the way, I've seen at the table someone who needed to make five rolls of 5 or less (4.62% chance each roll, or 0.000021048% chance total) make the rolls!  So as long as a roll(s) is(are) allowed, there's a chance that it(they) will succeed.

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