17 May 2017

George Washington's AK

"1969 Dated Russian Izhmash AKM"  Link will eventually be dead as Gunbroker scrolls.

1969 Russian...

Beautiful new old stock 1969 dated Russian Izhmash arsenal AKM parts kit assembled on an authentic high quality serial number matched Childers receiver. A virgin chrome lined hammer forged Romanian barrel was used to complete this gun! This is about as close as you can legally get to an original Russian AKM for less then around $18,000.

Features a custom tuned US G2 trigger group with retainer plate, original OTK marked Russian sling and a US slant brake. This receiver has all of the authentic spot welds, selector markings and X and Y stamps. 

Rifle was test fired only and it functioned flawlessly. As you can see in the pictures there are numerous original Russian proof and arsenal markings on the metal and furniture .As usual I was tempted to keep this one for my personal collection.

Except for the springs and a couple pins all of the steel on this gun was finished with the black nitride metal process! Black Nitride goes by a few names, Ferritic Nitrocarburizing, Melonite, SBN "salt bath nitriding" and QPQ.
Here are a few manufacturers that use this process;DS Arms (most ZM4 models and ZM4 uppers)BarrettSIGFNLWRCPOF-USAS&W M&P15CMMG - LE Series with WASP treatmentAACAdams Arms (uppers)Huldra Arms (rifles and uppers with chrome-moly barrels {not stainless})Bushmaster ACRSpikes TacticalBerettaKRISSRobinson armsSig - 550-556Superior Barrels with "hard blue" (uppers and barrels) {http://www.superiorbarrels.com/}
The added value of this service can't be measured in dollars!I believe it is so much better then any other finish that I have been sending off weapons from my personal collection for professional black nitride by H&M Metal Processing. 

The kit used for this rifle was completely serial number matching.It will come with a new old stock Russian Izzy steel 30 round magazine, a cleaning kit, an oil bottle and a mag pouch. 
The ammo madness has slowed down and you can currently find good bulk 7.62x39 at reasonable prices so stock up while you still can! 

Except for the Romanian barrel.

The US made, brand new G2 trigger.

US made slant brake.

Oh, and the Childers receiver.  They dropped that name like I'm supposed to recognize them.  I don't but google says they're well thought of.

Nitrided finished just like the real thing!  Oh wait...

The parts kit might have been 1969 Izhmash, but...

Don't you love how he equates the $18,000 price tag of a real AKM to this one?

It IS a well put together gun, but I don't think it's worth the $2,025 starting bid or the $2,250 buy it now price.


  1. If I'm buying a legit '69 AKM it had better been captured by the IDF when they raided Entebbe

  2. Nice but I still don't think I'd trade my Polytech Legend for it...


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