25 May 2017

Is The Recoil From .22 Magnum Too Much For You?

If so, consider a Velo-Dog style revolver of unknown provenance chambered in the proven manstopper; .25 ACP!

A half pound and five shots of double-action-only hammerless terror!  It even has a useless lever hanging on the side!  The lug on the safety is worn to a nub and doesn't block the trigger anymore.

It's gate loaded and has a built-in ejector rod system that stores through the center pin.

It is COVERED in proofmarks!

It appears to be Spanish in origin, but has what appears to be German nitro-proofs on the left side.

1 comment:

  1. "Spanish in origin, but has what appears to be German nitro-proofs"
    It makes sense, Mauser was licensed in Spain and they built good ones.


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