14 May 2017

Sign Of Age

I've been settled in one spot in FL long enough to bump into something I've never bumped into before.

Little girls who live around here are turning into little women.

Friends with daughters aren't entirely unaware that their daughters are making that transition, an increased interest in shotguns develops in parallel.

Daughter "Daddy, where's Steven?"

Father "Your boyfriend?"

Daughter "Yes, where's my boyfriend."

Father "He broke my shovel."

Daughter "WHAT?!?"

Mother "We really thought the shotgun had finished him off, but when he woke up, your father hit him with the shovel..."


  1. When this comes up, there's a little story I like to tell. Once upon a time, there was a father who loved his daughter very much. He loved her SO much, he pretty much prevented her marrying, so she stayed on with him well past the age when a woman was expected to marry. Her name was Lizzie Borden.

    1. I was going to ax you a question about that, but I can't remember what it was now.

      How whack is that?

  2. If all goes according to plans, I won't be informing boyfriends about my gun collection, I'll just be warning boys about what my daughter is capable of.


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