15 May 2017


The worst part, to me, about becoming a hipster would be the having to stop liking the things you like because other people started liking them as well.

As if the only enjoyment you derived from anything was that hardly anyone knew about how fun it was.

Me, I want to share the things I enjoy and have others enjoy them as well.

My only worry about something I enjoy being popular is my dislike of crowds.

1 comment:

  1. It isn't that "hardly anyone" knows about those things... it is that ONLY hipsters know. It is like an exclusive club, and part of their enjoyment comes from the assholioness of being able to look down at anyone who isn't a hipster. They try to be exclusive just to exclude people that "aren't like them". Why when anyone else does that do they start throwing out "-isms",,, ? But hipsters aren't bigoted because they are liberal and somehow "enlightened". F-ing hypocrites is what I say.


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